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To enjoy Baliís most unique dramatic dance performance popularly known as the monkey dance and enacted by a group of over 100 men, dance in concentric circle. The Story of the dance is taken from ancient Hindu epic, The Ramayana.
 Departure from hotel: 17:30.
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 30/pax


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A breathtaking view of the still active volcano, Mount Batur and its beautiful Lake Batur. A stop will be made at Batubulan village to enjoy the performance of one of the Balinese sacred dances, Barong dance, represent the eternal fight between good and evil. Enroute will visit Celuk village (famous for its gold k silver works), Mas village (woodcarving centre), Ubud (village of painters), Goa Gajah (Elephant cave), and Tampaksiring (Holy Spring Temple).
 Departure from hotel: 08.30.
 Min. participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 52/pax - Including Lunch.


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To visit one of the centre of arts in Bali, Ubud village which is also famous for its community of painters. Enroute you will visit Celuk (Gold & silver work) and Mas (Wood carving centre). From here the tour will continue to visit monkey forest, Neka Museum and Pasar Ubud (Ubud market) at Ubud village and then back to the hotel.
 Departure from hotel: 09:00.
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 36/pax - No Lunch.


At the southern tip of Bali, hovering majestically 100 meters above the wave of the Indonesia Ocean is Pura Luhur Uluwatu. Uluwatu is carved out of hard coral rock and has survived the elements well. Both sunrise and sunset from this temple are spectacular (subject to weather conditions).
 Departure from hotel: 16:30.
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 43/pax - No Lunch.



This tour will visit a Botanical Garden, where many kinds of flowers growing can be seen. Afterwards a stop over will be made at a fruits market located at the main road to the lake.
 Departure from hotel: 08.30.
 Min. participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 55/pax - Including Lunch.


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It takes 1 hour by morning flight from Denpasar to Yogyakarta. After arriving at Yogyakarta proceed to visit Borobudur Temple (Buddhism temple from 11th century and as one of the seven wonders in the world). Afterwards visit Prambanan temple (The Biggest Hindu temple in Java from the 8 th century), this tour terminates at Yogyakarta airport for flying back to Denpasar.
 Departure from hotel: Subject to flight schedule
 Min.Participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 155/pax includes Lunch only (No air ticket).


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The main features of this tour are: Bali Museum, famous for its many beautiful arts treasures (closed on Mondays and public holidays), The market - Pasar Badung (to see the busy people engaged in trade), and The Art Centre, with its Large Open Stage and Exhibition Hall.
Remarks: visiting a Balinese compound in lieu of museum on Monday & Public holidays.

Departure from hotel: 08.30
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 32/pax - No Lunch.


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Afternoon tour include a visit to Mengwi temple (the former Royal Family Temple surrounded by a beautiful moat, giving the impression of a sacred place), Alas Kedaton (a holy monkey forest) and Tanah Lot Temple (a beautiful temple built up on wave beaten rock, with its wonderful sunset (subject to weather conditions).
 Departure from hotel: 15.00
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 43/pax - No Lunch.



A morning trip to the east coast of Bali with the main purpose to visit one of Bali's old village, Tenganan, in the Karangasem Regency. the people of Tenganan, known as Bali Aga still live in their traditional way. Enroute stop at pura Goa Lawah (bat cave temple) to see the beauty of the temple with its holy bats and also to see the people producing salt in a traditional way. Afterwards proceed to candidasa to enjoy the most popular tourist resort in east bali.
 Departure from hotel: 09:00
 Minimum participant: 2 persons.
 Price: US$ 56/pax - Including Lunch.


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Enjoy Whitewater Rafting excitement with highly trained guides on the spectacular Ayung River. Experience an unforgettable journey through stunning jungle scenery and deep vinehung gorges. Marvel at tranquil rice terraces and breathtaking waterfalls. Buffet lunch is served at the finish point.
 Departure: Depend on your hotel
 Minimum participant: 1 persons.
 Price: US$ 60/pax.


It takes about 30 minutes by morning flight from Denpasar to Mataram. After arriving at Mataram you will proceed to visit Sukarare village (hand weaving centre), Penunjak village (pottery handicraft), and Rambitan (a traditional village of Sasak). Afterwards continue to Kuta beach of Lombok for having lunch while enjoy the beauty of the beach and then to Narmada (a Summer Palace). This tour ends at Seleparang Airport for flying back to Denpasar.
 Departure from hotel: Subject to flight confirmation
 Min.participant: 2 persons.
 Please contact us for detail information.

Great Wave

Balinese Dance

In many cultures dance and drama are important to pass on customs and mores from one generation to the next. Such is true in Bali where dance & drama has historically been used to pass down cultural values through the tales of Ramayana, Mahabarata and other epic stories from Balinese history. It is interesting to note that the Balinese never tire of watching these dances even though they may have seen them umpteen times before and know each movement by heart.

If you are interested in learning more about these or other Balinese dances, some hotels have classes (great way for the children to spend the day) or you may contact us.


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