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Welcome to Island Wave,
This limited company is an inbound tour operator for surf tours all over Indonesia. Established in Bali in 1999, Island Wave Tour & Travel arrange surfing tours around Bali and beyond, to wave perfect destinations such as : East Java, Lombok, Sumbawa, Mentawi Island and Sumatera. The Services provided include : hotel vouchers, transfers and transportation, coach and limousine rental, sightseeing tours, guide service, domestic and international ticketing and special interest group surfing tour.

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Island Wave aim is to promote Bali and Indonesia worldwide, particular  to surfers who are the target market. Essential surf information provided by Island Wave cannot be equaled anywhere on the island. In spite of its relatively young age, to its credit, this company has already successfully organized a large scale surfing championship.


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Surf Camp
G-Land is a renown surf camp situated on a remote stretch of coast in East Java. Surrounded by the dense jungle. deep ocean swells peel flawlessly across this half kilometer stretch of coral reef producing some of the longest most perfect tubes anyone is likely to see.

Surfing Tours
Renowned surf spots include Uluwatu in Bali, Grajagan in Java and Nias off Sumatra, but there is surf along the southern coast of virtually all the islands in Nusa Tenggara.
Given a bit of local knowledge it is still possible to find uncrowded perfect breaks in Bali.

Bali is just one of the many small islands of Indonesia,
but without a doubt, it is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia.
Bali is frequently referred to as "The Paradise Island"
because of its reputation in the world as a tropical paradise.

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Browse our extensive information of our accommodations and hotels
recommended in Bali and beyond. It directly address 'most traveller' request,
as well as providing and easy option for personal assistance
by our staff for any special needs you may have.

Bali Overview
Bali, one of some 13,000 islands comprising the Indonesian Archipelago, had an auspicious start. According to legend, when the world was formed Bali was put afloat on the back of a giant sea turtle with fragrant skies above.

Travel Tips
Be careful when changing money. Sorry to say but we hear too many stories of tourists being cheated at one money changer or another. One of the more popular current scams goes something like this:

Art & Crafts
The Balinese seem to be the most talented of all of Indonesia gifted artisans. Over the centuries there has been a steady steam of immigrants introducing new ideas, coupled with the generous patronage of Kingdoms past, Balinese artists have become justly famous.

Dance & Drama
In many cultures dance and drama are important to pass on customs and mores from one generation to the next. Such is true in Bali where dance & drama has historically been used to pass down cultural values through the tales of Ramayana...

Restaurant Guide
Whilst is quite easy to eat very nicely (and cheaply) in Bali, most of that is due to the intense competition of too many restaurants serving too much the same menu. With not much menu differentiation restaurants in Bali have, until recently, competed solely on price.

Emergency Info
For those of you who like to be prepared we have listed some important numbers in case of an emergency. Don't worry if you loose them, your hotel will have ready access to them or you can look in any tourist guide i.e. Bali Plus or Hello Bali amongst others.

Festivals / Events
Festivals are an important feature of Balinese life. In general Temple festivals occur regularly on fixed dates according to the Balinese Calendar. That said, it is important to know that the Balinese calendar is only 210 days ...

Other Info
Here are some commonly requested phone numbers as well as a few that are a little bit harder to find. We've put this page together for those of you who are members of various organizations like Rotary and wish to meet fellow Rotarians ...

Bali Info

Bali, one of over 13,000 islands in Indonesia, is famous for its scenic beauty, dynamic culture, and friendly people. Located just south of the equator, tropical Bali has a hot, wet season (November-March) and a cool, dry one (May-September), although subjected to El Nino these seasons have been experiencing some shifts of late. Towering volcanoes, some still active, contain large lakes which provide water for irrigating thousands of terraced rice fields, enabling up to three harvests per year.

Over the centuries the Balinese have fused influences from Asia and the West with their own traditions. Prehistoric remains predating the Christian era have been found but the earliest inscriptions date only from the 9th century. Buddhism arrived from India during the first few centuries A.D. followed by Hinduism and trade contacts with China.

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